Privacy policy


There are four types of information maintained by PEOI for its various constituencies

1)- specific information that other PEOI users need to interact with one another such as name and email address. This information is mandatory. Missing, invalid or hidden name or email address will nullify the registration. Note that no name and email address appear in any PEOI web pages; they are kept in SQL data banks, and are not accessible to spider software that roams the internet in search for email addresses for their spam clients.

2)- vital features that describes the type of individuals in the different categories (such as age group, nationality, gender, level of education, employer) and appears in profile. Some of this information can be hidden by placing a ] sign in front of the text. Course completion and course average grade also appear for all students enrolled in courses.

3)- materials placed by students, employers, partner institutions, instructors or authors for a specific purpose such as an assignment, a CV, a job listing, a special event or offering, and data generated by PEOI's procedures such as test grade or student feedback evaluation, can only be viewed by the specific audience for which they are intended, and access to such materials requires a verified registration with PEOI. For instance, a student's individual test grades can only be viewed by the student and his/her instructor, if he/she has one. CV's can only be viewed by employers. Partner institutions' special events can only be viewed by students. All this information is also kept in SQL data banks inaccessible to spiders.
4)- personal background information, which is needed to verify the identity of individuals, is not available to anyone but PEOI's administration.
For students, employers and partner institutions all information is entirely voluntary except for name and email address.
For faculty, authors, editors and translators, general information is expected so that anyone can see the calibre of individuals working at PEOI.
In no case any of the information is sold, shared or given to any third party. Everyone registered with PEOI, who has provided personal information at any time, has PEOI's solemn pledge that the information provided will not be used for any monetary or commercial purpose.

To ask questions, or offer comments and suggestions please email to .