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PEOI is a not-for-profit all volunteer organization registered with US IRS as 503(c)(3)educational organization. PEOI has been creating courses since year 1999. PEOI's courses are designed as American style university level courses that fit into standard university semesters of 15 weeks of study. PEOI's courses are available for enrollment only if the course contains a large test questions data bank, as well as assignments and class discussions topics. We want to become your university.

PEOI's courses are entirely free and open to all. No prequesites are required. Students can read PEOI's courses in English as well as in eleven other languages provided the course has been fully translated into that language. There are no dates to start or complete a course. You can study at your own pace. Students can take a test as many times are they want because tests on the same subject are different each time. Only the highest test grade counts toward a course completion certificate.

PEOI now has volunteers contributing as course authors, editors, peer reviewers, audio specialists, web page designers, illustrators, local country representatives and translators from countries. There is much work left to do. Do you teach, or have professional knowledge? To qualify as author, faculty or translator you must have completed a program of study at a recognized university. Won't you join us? Contact John Petroff listed in Contact Information.

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